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Gordon Brewer is the pseudonym for a professional geek, history buff, and full time dad who took up a challenge from his son to finish his first novel and enter the world of writing. With 16 books finished, Gordon continues to use his experiences to explore wide ranging interests in multiple genres, each with historical consideration given to the characters and settings.

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Ray Irish Supernatural Mysteries

In the months following World War II, Ray Irish travels from town to town trying to drown the memories of pain and carnage with bottles of whiskey. He is a tramp, and his mode of transportation is the inside of railroad cattle cars. When Irish drifts into Oyster City, a struggling, crime-ridden town nestled along the Chesapeake Bay, a chance encounter in a back alley gives him an unanticipated job as a private detective along with a couple of new suits. In the series, Ray finds himself engaged in a game of cat and mouse against a demon and his cult. One deadly encounter after another leads Ray Irish along a torturous path against demonic forces and unexpected saviors in a thrilling climax.

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Clovel Sword Chronicles and Sagas

Kamin is an exotic world of unusual creatures and mystic spirits, where people battle monsters when they don't fight among themselves. In this violent world, Urith of Esterblud carries a fearsome and honorable reputation with him. Known as the Clovel Destroyer, he is part of a warrior culture which dominates the human realm. These novels follow Urith as he battles to survive the chaos and bloodshed that fills the three realms while completing the Skool, a weapon of the gods. As their civilization falls apart around them, warriors from many clans focus on grabbing power while underworld monsters emerge from the depths to kill the innocent for their souls.

The Clovel Sword Chronicles is a series of epic fantasy stories within various sword and sorcery adventures. Set in a dark high fantasy world of Kamin, the stories contain violence with anti-hero and mercenary characters. This book is intended for adult readers. Due to the brutal and ruthless nature of warfare and cultural norms of the Kamin world, the stories contain graphic violence, sexual violence, creative language, and innuendo. This book does not contain explicit sexual content.

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Other Mystery and Dark Fantasy Books

Cursed by an archangel and on the run from demons, the infamous pirate called Blackbane searches for an escape in The Curse of Blackbane.

Beowulf: Curse of the Dreygurs - When the dead rise, it takes a budding hero to stop them! Follow Beowulf on his first adventures!

Purgatory can feel like Hell when you keep dying inside the INFINITE LOOP

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Beowulf - Print & Ebook

Infinite Loop - Print & Ebook

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