You can download 3 of my books for your weekend reading.

February 2022

My First Anthology of the Creepsi Stories.

January 2022

The Book should be out in March
Interesting question from a friend.
On to the next novel with my latest update on my writing progress!

September 2021

Due to the commitment I’ve made for Creepsi Twisted Tales, I have serious doubts that I’ll be able to get my next novel, Shadow over Charax completed…

August 2021

Welcome to Fantasy and Mystery Potboilers’s by me which consists of dark fantasy and mysteries from a pulpy, prurient, curious mind. This is my way of…

January 2021

Hello to 2021! At the start of our new, and hopefully better, year, I'm presenting my updated website. I know that it's not huge news but the site…